New Repository on Github
(too old to reply)
Gordan Bobic
2015-05-27 20:30:30 UTC

This list seems to have been a little too quiet of late, so I took the
liberty of cloning the git repository to github. It can be found here:


No offence is intended to Emmanuel and other contributors. I am merely
concerned that what happened to the original zfs-fuse repository and bug
tracker on zfs-fuse.net could possibly happen again, so it made sense to
put it all into an additional place. It will hopefully also make it easier
when and if others to create pull requests when they contribute patches.

I tried to do some kind of an assessment on the discrepancy that Emmanuel
suggested might exist due to the forking point having happened a little
before the 0.7.0 official release, but Emmanual's git master branch is
about 20K lines of code ahead of the 0.7.0 release, so I am not at all
convinced that any extensive comparison would be meaningful. In light of
that and the fact that there have been no core changes in 0.7.0 that the
various distros are sleepwalking on with, and the fact that Emmanuel's
branch is the only one with pool v26 support, I think that is the only
branch worth even looking at.

I have also added a few very minor patches that Fedora is shipping with.

I don't suppose anyone happens to have a patch that adds support for pool
v28 in their back pocket? ;-)

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