zfs-fuse dracut
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Gordan Bobic
2015-06-09 22:09:08 UTC
I have modified the ZoL dracut module so it works with zfs-fuse. So if you
wanted to be able to use zfs-fuse with a normal initrd with standard
interoperability (e.g. have the initrd rebuilt automatically on kernel
upgrades), now you can!

I am using this on my ARM Chromebook running RedSleeve 7. You can find the
code here:


This is a fork of Emmanuel's branch that includes support for pool versions
up to and including v26.

It includes:
1) Latest modifications I made to improve systemd interoperability.
2) Some out of tree patches that that have been shipping with Fedora and

It does not yet include any backported patches from Seth's zfs-fuse github
tree as I have not yet had time to review the patches since the repository

If this is of use to you (e.g. users of 32-bit systems, those stuck with
binary-only license-violating ARM kernels that do ship with fuse), enjoy.
Please test and let me know if you find any problems.

A question for the ZoL developers - could you please tell me what is the
licence on the zfs-dracut stuff?

Many thanks.

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